I’m Benji Wakeham and this is my blog…. Welcome!

I’m a 29 year old entrepreneur based in London and the proud founder of 5 startups.

I’m an entrepreneur through and through.

I’ll never be the sort of person who starts a company thats only goal is to make money. It’s all about vision. I love being creative, whether it’s websites, apps, clothes, jewellery or art.

I’m going to be writing mostly about the future, technology and macro-social and economic trends, all mixed in with the occasional rant. Whatever is on my mind basically (hence the title).

I consider this content to be more of a future prediction rather than gospel. Before each post I’ll be creating a discussion on Quora, so make sure you get involved and add to the conversation (don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get fully referenced).

Ok, well there’s a bit about me : )

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